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Treats & Goodies

Treats & Goodies

Vet IQ Healthy Bites Urinary Care

Urinary tract infections are a common problem in cats and can cause discomfort and eventually lead t..

R79.00 Ex Tax: R79.00

Vet IQ Healthy Bites Hairball Remedy

These tasty, and easy to administer hairball remedy treats, contain the same ingredients as traditio..

R79.00 Ex Tax: R79.00

Vet IQ Healthy Bites Breath & Dental

These tasty, easy-to-administer treats are comprised of a unique crunchy cereal shell with a tasty, ..

R79.00 Ex Tax: R79.00

Kit Cat Breath Bites

Cleaning your cat’s teeth has never been easier or more delicious with Kit-Cat Breath Bites. Burstin..

R69.00 Ex Tax: R69.00

Kit Cat Kitty Crunch

KittyCrunch is produced to perfection for cats. With a range of tasty flavors and 4 fun shapes, thes..

R59.00 Ex Tax: R59.00

Meow More Cat Treats

Soft and Savoury meat sticksTreat your cat or kitten to a soft and savoury stick made with real meat..

R29.00 Ex Tax: R29.00

Daro Nibbles Cat Treats – Assorted Flavours

Nibbles cat treats are delicious treats enriched with vitamins, minerals, immune boosters, antioxida..

R59.00 Ex Tax: R59.00

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