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LKT Cats Fold Away Tunnel

The Fold Away Tunnel is the ultimate tunnel for your cat. Your cat can scratch, hide and rest in thi..

R450.00 Ex Tax: R450.00

LKT Cheese Chase Cat Toy

Cheese Chase has three activities for three times the fun. Perfect for group play or just one cat.FE..

R379.00 Ex Tax: R379.00

LKT Mix Scratch Treat Pockets Post Cat Toy

The only thing better than catnip, is having it BLASTED all over your cat’s scratching station...

R269.00 Ex Tax: R269.00

Daro Poop Scoop

Nibbles cat treats are delicious treats enriched with vitamins, minerals, immune boosters, antioxida..

R189.00 Ex Tax: R189.00

Metalic Feather Teaser

Small enough to pack in a purse, desk drawer, or locker, this mini lint roller is a huge way to keep..

R119.00 Ex Tax: R119.00

Cat Scratcher Post

The Play and Scratch Post by Mr. Pet is a hand-made wooden scratching post with a carpet covered bas..

R600.00 Ex Tax: R600.00

Cat Scratch Block Reversible

A special delicacy — beef hoof filled with a tasty, cooked mincemeat filling.Available in the follow..

R110.00 Ex Tax: R110.00

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