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Collapsible Travel Bottle

The Collapsible Travel Bottle is a portable drinking dispenser with an added carabiner so that you c..

R249.00 Ex Tax: R249.00

Cowboyz Dog Knot Toy


R119.00 Ex Tax: R119.00

Rogz Grinz Medium

Tails will be wagging uncontrollably and excitement will be high when you throw the Kong Rogz Grinz ..

R110.00 Ex Tax: R110.00

Daro Solid Ball

A solid, standard rubber ball for your dog to chase and catch. Available in various colors. Upon rec..

R59.00 Ex Tax: R59.00

Latox Chicken


R110.00 Ex Tax: R110.00

Rogz Yumz Medium

Ever wished there was a way that you could treat your favourite pet pal the same way you’d treat you..

R129.00 Ex Tax: R129.00

Rope with Handle w/Tassel

The Rosewood Jolly Reindeer is a super soft plush dog toy that is the perfect Christmas present for ..

R99.00 Ex Tax: R99.00

Natural Rubber Ball


R80.00 Ex Tax: R80.00

Canine Clean Spearmint Rope

A terrific dental chew toy with multiple textures, great for massaging your dog's itchy gums and hel..

R149.00 Ex Tax: R149.00

Canine Clean Spearmint Rope

Our Gumz balls have a bone-shaped hole to fill with your preferred treat. Available in all 5 Rogzili..

R115.00 Ex Tax: R115.00


FlingballBall Launcher. A fun way to exercise your dog without wearing yourself out!Flingball Fun an..

R89.00 Ex Tax: R89.00

Rogz Gumz Medium

Watch your dog have a BALL of a time! Just pop your dog’s favourite treat inside the bone-shaped hol..

R110.00 Ex Tax: R110.00

Doggy Aid Step

Help increase your pet’s independence whether to improve their overall joint health or to assist the..

R915.00 Ex Tax: R915.00

Latex Pig


R99.00 Ex Tax: R99.00

Pig With Rope Ball

Doggies love stuffed animals. Have you seen a dog carrying around a stuffed animal almost as big as ..

R210.00 Ex Tax: R210.00

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