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Frontline Plus Cat Tick & Flea Treatment

Stop a flea infestation with the mighty killing force of Frontline Plus Tick & Flea Spot-On Trea..

R109.00 Ex Tax: R109.00

Mirra-Cote Dog & Cat Skin Supplement

The Mirra-Cote Dog & Cat Supplement offers a highly palatable nutty flavour, containing a high c..

R119.00 Ex Tax: R119.00

Calmeze Calming Gel For Cats

Calmeze Gel For Cats is a nutritional salmon flavoured gel that reduces stress and anxiety in cats.K..

R375.00 Ex Tax: R375.00

Petscreen SPF23 Dog & Cat Sunscreen Spray

The Petscreen SPF23 Dog & Cat Sunscreen Spray is a clear, quick-drying liquid sunscreen ideal fo..

R119.00 Ex Tax: R119.00

Brighteye Dog & Cat Tear Stain Remover

The Brighteye Dog & Cats Tear Stain Remover is an isotonic solution for safe and effective remov..

R89.00 Ex Tax: R89.00

Dermavet Ointment

Dermavet is an ointment that will treat minor wounds, infections, including ear infections, and most..

R125.00 Ex Tax: R125.00

Diomec Plus Paste

A nutritional aid that assists in normalizing the digestive system in dogs and cats suffering from d..

R249.00 Ex Tax: R249.00

Bravecto Small Cat Tick & Flea Pipette 1,2-2,8Kg

Cats everywhere can now experience the Bravecto 3 month difference. Whether your cat goes outdoors o..

R369.00 Ex Tax: R369.00

Frontline Dog & Cat Tick & Flea Treatment -Spray

Frontline Plus Dog & Cat Tick & Flea Treatment Spray provides your pets with protection agai..

R299.00 Ex Tax: R299.00

Ultrum Tick & Flea Powder

Perfumed ULTRUMĀ® Flea & Tick Powder controls fleas, ticks, feather mites, red mites, and lice on..

R79.00 Ex Tax: R79.00

Bravecto Medium Cat Tick & Flea Pipette 2,8-6,25Kg

Cats everywhere can now experience the Bravecto 3 month difference. Whether your cat goes outdoors o..

R399.00 Ex Tax: R399.00

Revolution Cat Tick, Flea and Worm Spot-On Treatment - 2.6kg-7.5kg

Revolution Cat Tick, Flea, and Worm Spot-On Treatment is a medication that is applied directly to yo..

R155.00 Ex Tax: R155.00

Oticlear Dog & Cat Ear Solution

OtiClear is an ear cleansing solution for cats and for dogs to help keep the health of your pet in c..

R299.00 Ex Tax: R299.00

Triworm-C Individual pack Cat Deworming Tablet

Triworm-C is a worm remedy against ascarids, hookworms, and tapeworm in cats.Safe for old cats and y..

R49.00 Ex Tax: R49.00

Protexin Soluble

Protexin SolubleĀ® is a palatable 7-strain probiotic powder which can be added to milk, water or top ..

R99.00 Ex Tax: R99.00

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