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Ultrum Tick & Flea Powder

Perfumed ULTRUMĀ® Flea & Tick Powder controls fleas, ticks, feather mites, red mites, and lice on..

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Avi-Moult. Moulting birds have to produce a complete covering of feathers within 3 to 6 weeks. This ..

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Birds that have undergone acute stress, like handling, wing, and beak clipping or traveling, may hav..

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Avi-Sup Soluble Vitamins

A special blend of 13 vitamins formulated to suit most avian species. Used regularly as a dietary su..

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Protexin Soluble

Protexin SolubleĀ® is a palatable 7-strain probiotic powder which can be added to milk, water or top ..

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