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Small Critters

Small Critters

Acrylic Detachable Reptile Terrarium

Acrylic Detachable Reptile TerrariumSize: 30x30x45..

R1,200.00 Ex Tax: R1,200.00

AR/NK Series Magnetic Acrylic Reptile Box

NK Series Magnetic Acrylic Reptile BoxAvailable Sizes:AR05/NK-05 - 15x15x24cm AR02/NK-03 - 20x15x..

R600.00 Ex Tax: R600.00

Baker's Rack

Baker's Rack (Black)Size: 1060*457*1800H with each level capable of holding 250kg..

R2,700.00 Ex Tax: R2,700.00

BI-33 Double Floor Lamp Stand

BI-33 Double floor lamp stand Light Holder Stand for reptile 40-56cm*82-92cm..

R700.00 Ex Tax: R700.00

Delights Rabbit 1kg

Maize, barley, dried vegetable and alfalfa provide variety, while our specially formulated rabbit st..

R69.00 Ex Tax: R69.00

DHC-100+ Humidity Controller

DHC-100+ Humidity Controller..

R1,100.00 Ex Tax: R1,100.00

Habitat Low Screen Cage

Habitat Low Screen Cage Whole MeshAvailable Sizes: 100x50x51cm120x60x61cm..

R2,300.00 Ex Tax: R2,300.00

HMT16 Deluxe Thermostat Heat Mat

HMT16 Deluxe Thermostat Heat MatSize: 30x20cm Watts: 16W..

R640.00 Ex Tax: R640.00

LED LIghting

LED lighting available options:LED 18W 12" - 291 x 59 x46mm - 6400 Kelvin LED 22W 18" - 470 x 59 ..

R810.00 Ex Tax: R810.00

LFD01 Double Deep Dome

LFD01 Double Deep Dome (290x150x125mm) MAX 160w x2..

R600.00 Ex Tax: R600.00

Mclanzoo Terrariums

Mclanzoo TerrariumsAvailable in:20x20x15H Terrarium - Open from the top30x30x20H Terrarium - Open fr..

R550.00 Ex Tax: R550.00

MIUS Mini Misting Set Without Nozzle

MIUS Mini Misting Set Without Nozzle - Mini Misting set for 1-6 nozzle. Suitable for small tanks of ..

R810.00 Ex Tax: R810.00

Mius pipes

Mius pipes - 100m length..

R590.00 Ex Tax: R590.00

MIUS Rain Box 12L

MIUS Rain Box 12L up to 4 sprinklers maxmium.MIUS Rain Box is a complete system of misting requireme..

R2,300.00 Ex Tax: R2,300.00

MIUS Smart Misting System

MIUS Smart Misting SystemPUMP WIith 2 Mist SprinklerOne pump up to 2 sprinklers maxmium..

R750.00 Ex Tax: R750.00

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