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Gerivet Ageing Supplement 250g

Gerivet Ageing Supplement 250g

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The Gerivet Dog & Cat Supplement restores energy and life to the ageing and geriatric dog and cat. The micro-nutrients help improve general tone and condition, ease up stiff joints, and restores mental alertness, helping bring back the bounce in your pets step.

Key Benefits:

  • Procaine, vitamin-based supplement for Geriatric pets.
  • Assists animals experiencing symptoms of old age.
  • Formulated with micronutrients which improve the general tone & condition of animals. Restores mental alertness.
  • Aids in the relief of age-related stiffness.
  • Improves skin and coat condition.
  • Plays an important role in muscle formation.
  • Helps improve mental function in the aged.
  • Helps to slow down the degenerative effects of the disease.
  • At the dose found in Gerivet, zinc helps to build up the immune system, which is of benefit for wound-healing and in arthritis. Zinc improves skin and coat appearance.

Ingredients Contains procaine, MSM, lecithin, high potency vitamins and minerals, including zinc, chromium and selenium. Directions: Give daily mixed or sprinkled over food
Manufacturer Kyron

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