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At Paws to Doors Vet Boutique We Believe That Only The Best Quality Products Should Be Given To Our Furry Friends, With A Large Selection Of The Best Brands Available To Ensure That Pets Keep Wagging Tails, Purring And Singing All Day Long.

Smart Choice Dog Toys Bird

R139.00 Inc Tax: R139.00

Smart Choice Dog Toys Giraffe

R215.00 Inc Tax: R215.00

Marlton Dog Rope Bone (Ball Shape)

R129.00 Inc Tax: R129.00

Marlton Squeaky Porcupine

R79.00 Inc Tax: R79.00

Marlton Vinyl Bone

R59.00 Inc Tax: R59.00

Pro-Soothe Cream 100ml

R129.00 Inc Tax: R129.00

Burgess Excel Light Rabbit Nuggets 2kg

R269.00 Inc Tax: R269.00

Marlton Hygiene Pro Fabric Deodoriser 500ml

R129.00 Inc Tax: R129.00

Seachem Cupramine 50ml

R335.00 Inc Tax: R335.00

Seachem ParaGuard 250g

R292.00 Inc Tax: R292.00

Hikari Wheat-Germ Formula 100g

R180.00 Inc Tax: R180.00

Pet Chew Pizzle Twist 2 Pack (15cm)

R39.00 Inc Tax: R39.00

Pet Chew Beef Fillet

R39.00 Inc Tax: R39.00

Pet Chew Jerky Flats 15cm (100g)

R49.00 Inc Tax: R49.00

Pet Chew Chicken Breast 70g

R59.00 Inc Tax: R59.00

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