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At Paws to Doors Vet Boutique We Believe That Only The Best Quality Products Should Be Given To Our Furry Friends, With A Large Selection Of The Best Brands Available To Ensure That Pets Keep Wagging Tails, Purring And Singing All Day Long.

Pets Elite Liver Biltong

R39.00 Inc Tax: R39.00

Daro Aquarium Stand 915x325mm

R790.00 Inc Tax: R790.00

Daro Aquarium Stand 615x325mm

R570.00 Inc Tax: R570.00

Daro Starter Kit Aquariums 300x225x225mm

R549.00 Inc Tax: R549.00

Daro Starter Kit Aquariums 915x325x380mm

R1,530.00 Inc Tax: R1,530.00

Boyu Automatic Feeder

R705.00 Inc Tax: R705.00

Sera Deep Sea

R479.00 Inc Tax: R479.00

Sera Blue Sky Royal Fluoresan

R429.00 Inc Tax: R429.00

Sera daylight brilliant

R345.00 Inc Tax: R345.00

Sera Plant Color 38Watt

R589.00 Inc Tax: R589.00

BOYU Silent Air Pump

R269.00 Inc Tax: R269.00

Boyu Aquatic Animal Air Pump

R749.00 Inc Tax: R749.00

Rid All Copper Aid

R150.00 Inc Tax: R150.00

Rid All Anti Fungus

R189.00 Inc Tax: R189.00

Rid All General Aid

R110.00 Inc Tax: R110.00

Double Sided Tank Brush & Sponge 56CM

R69.00 Inc Tax: R69.00

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Happy Hound-Iced Biscuits Tub

R59.00 Inc Tax: R59.00

Montego Classic Large Breed Puppy Dog Dry Food

R85.00 Inc Tax: R85.00

Mbuni Cave Man Bone

R69.00 Inc Tax: R69.00

Marltons Calcium Bone

R59.00 Inc Tax: R59.00

Pets Elite Lamb Twist

R49.00 Inc Tax: R49.00

Elaine's Birding Bird Grub Balls 12 Pack

R360.00 Inc Tax: R360.00

Royal Canin Medium Adult Dry Dog Food

R478.00 Inc Tax: R478.00

Airline Tubing 4mm (100m ROLL)

R400.00 Inc Tax: R400.00

No more products found!