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At Paws to Doors Vet Boutique We Believe That Only The Best Quality Products Should Be Given To Our Furry Friends, With A Large Selection Of The Best Brands Available To Ensure That Pets Keep Wagging Tails, Purring And Singing All Day Long.

Under Gravel Filter 36x29cm

R139.00 Inc Tax: R139.00

Under Gravel Filter 30x20cm

R69.00 Inc Tax: R69.00

Chicos Breeding Box 20x10x10CM

R150.00 Inc Tax: R150.00

Salifert Calcium Aquarium Test Kit

R381.00 Inc Tax: R381.00

Salifert Magnesium Aquarium Test Kit

R319.00 Inc Tax: R319.00

Salifert pH Aquarium Test Kit

R236.00 Inc Tax: R236.00

Salifert Phosphate Aquarium Test Kit

R360.00 Inc Tax: R360.00

Salifert kH/Alkalinity Aquarium Test Kit

R252.00 Inc Tax: R252.00

Salifert Nitrate Aquarium Test Kit NO2

R248.00 Inc Tax: R248.00

Seachem MetroPlex

R420.00 Inc Tax: R420.00

Seachem NeoPlex

R449.00 Inc Tax: R449.00

Tetra Holiday Fish Food 30g

R215.00 Inc Tax: R215.00

Tetra Weekend Fish Food 9g

R185.00 Inc Tax: R185.00

Magnetic Aquarium Glass Cleaner Model YS-600

R325.00 Inc Tax: R325.00

Bubble Magus Magnet cleaners

R440.00 Inc Tax: R440.00

Zolux Grooming Glove

R159.00 Inc Tax: R159.00

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Elaine's Birding Seed Bell

R59.00 Inc Tax: R59.00

Montego Classic All Breed Adult Dog Dry Food

R85.00 Inc Tax: R85.00

Ultra Dog OptiWoof Adult Dry Dog Food

R343.00 Inc Tax: R343.00

Pets Elite Lamb Twist

R49.00 Inc Tax: R49.00

Karoo Lamb Wet Puppy Food 380g Tub

R55.00 Inc Tax: R55.00

Karoo Lamb Wet Adult Food 380g Tub

R55.00 Inc Tax: R55.00

Karoo Ostrich Wet Adult Food 380g Tub

R55.00 Inc Tax: R55.00

Vets Choice Premium Adult Dry Dog Food

R453.00 Inc Tax: R453.00

Montego Classic Large Breed Puppy Dog Dry Food

R95.00 Inc Tax: R95.00

Montego Peanut Butter Flavoured Toffees

R79.00 Inc Tax: R79.00

SuperVet Large Puppy Dry Dog Food Chicken flavour

R229.00 Inc Tax: R229.00

Vets Choice Golden Years Adult Dry Dog Food

R128.00 Inc Tax: R128.00

No more products found!