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At Paws to Doors Vet Boutique We Believe That Only The Best Quality Products Should Be Given To Our Furry Friends, With A Large Selection Of The Best Brands Available To Ensure That Pets Keep Wagging Tails, Purring And Singing All Day Long.

Dogs life Mohair Knit Poloneck White Trim Navy

R259.00 Inc Tax: R259.00

Dogs life Stripe Knit Polo Neck Black

R279.00 Inc Tax: R279.00

Dogs life Sweatshirt X-Large

R179.00 Inc Tax: R179.00

Dogs life Sweatshirt Large

R179.00 Inc Tax: R179.00

WagWorld Cupcakes

R540.00 Inc Tax: R540.00

WagWorld Nap Sack

R590.00 Inc Tax: R590.00

Wagworld Designer Tulip Medium Foliage

R640.00 Inc Tax: R640.00

Pet Stainless Steel Double Bowl 12cm

R199.00 Inc Tax: R199.00

Petsa Stainless Steel Bowl

R49.00 Inc Tax: R49.00

Cabonochon C-500 49*31*52.5cm

R1,800.00 Inc Tax: R1,800.00

Under Gravel Filter 36x29cm

R139.00 Inc Tax: R139.00

Under Gravel Filter 30x20cm

R69.00 Inc Tax: R69.00

Chicos Breeding Box 20x10x10CM

R150.00 Inc Tax: R150.00

Salifert Calcium Aquarium Test Kit

R381.00 Inc Tax: R381.00

Salifert Magnesium Aquarium Test Kit

R319.00 Inc Tax: R319.00

Salifert pH Aquarium Test Kit

R236.00 Inc Tax: R236.00

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Elaine's Birding Seed Bell

R59.00 Inc Tax: R59.00

Montego Classic All Breed Adult Dog Dry Food

R85.00 Inc Tax: R85.00

Ultra Dog OptiWoof Adult Dry Dog Food

R343.00 Inc Tax: R343.00

Bio-Earth Hay

R50.00 Inc Tax: R50.00

Vets Choice Premium Adult Dry Dog Food

R453.00 Inc Tax: R453.00

Vets Choice Golden Years Adult Dry Dog Food

R128.00 Inc Tax: R128.00

Pets Elite Lamb Twist

R49.00 Inc Tax: R49.00

Karoo Lamb Wet Puppy Food 380g Tub

R55.00 Inc Tax: R55.00

Karoo Lamb Wet Adult Food 380g Tub

R55.00 Inc Tax: R55.00

Karoo Ostrich Wet Adult Food 380g Tub

R55.00 Inc Tax: R55.00

Montego Classic Large Breed Puppy Dog Dry Food

R95.00 Inc Tax: R95.00

Montego Peanut Butter Flavoured Toffees

R79.00 Inc Tax: R79.00

Burgess Excel Long Stem Feeding Hay 120g

R269.00 Inc Tax: R269.00

SuperVet Large Puppy Dry Dog Food Chicken flavour

R229.00 Inc Tax: R229.00

No more products found!